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You may access our rental application here.

You may search for your next home by using the search feature at the top. Have a couple of backup properties in mind in case your first choice is filled. We will maintain a wait list of one or two applicants so you may still get your first choice house or apartment.

Fill out the rental application completely and accurately.

Moving Out

As you transition to your new residence for the next year, here are a few things you need to know about moving out:

  1. Unfortunately we are UNABLE to grant any extensions on your move out date. There is a very short time period between leases, and in order for us to prepare the house for future tenants, we are not able to grant any extensions.
  2. It is very important that ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY is removed from your house no later than 1:00 p.m. on your move-out date. We will remove any items that are left in the house after your move out date, and you will be charged for the cost of removal. The charge to remove a large item is $50.00 per item. Trash removal is $15.00 per bag. Removal of outdoor grills and appliances is $65.00. The city of East Lansing will pick up your large items for a small fee, call 337-1731 ext. 380 to arrange for them to come out.
  3. These are easy charges to avoid, just leave the house empty. Don’t forget the attic, basement, garage, shed and yard. Rakes and shovels should be left at the house. Just let our staff know when you check out at the office.
  4. The EZ cart(s) assigned to your house must be empty and left at the house. Cost for replacement of the easy carts is $85.00 per cart. The charge for missing shovels or rakes will be $25.00 each.
  5. All keys issued must be returned to our office. If you fail to return all keys, you may be responsible for the cost of changing the locks.
  6. Your security deposit refund, along with an itemization of charges, will be sent to you within 30 days of your termination of occupancy. However, there are certain procedures that you must follow. You must submit to us, IN WRITING, a forwarding address where you want the security deposit returned. This must be done within four (4) days of your termination of occupancy.
  7. The security deposit check will be issued to the one (1) person to whom you designated it to on your lease. That person is then responsible to disperse the appropriate funds to all tenants.
  8. Please don’t forget to cancel phone and cable!

Color Your World…Paint Your Rooms

At CRMC we don’t mind if you paint your bedrooms a different color. In fact, we have a palette of “pre-approved CRMC colors” to choose from (stop by our office to pick up a paint swatch). If you paint your room in one of these CRMC colors you don’t have to paint it back to the “standard” CRMC color before you move out. If you decide to paint your room a “CRMC non-approved” color you will need to re-paint your walls back to the “standard” CRMC color before you move out. You can find CRMC pre-approved paint at O’Leary Paint, 300 E. Oakland, Lansing, MI 48906, 517-487-2066.

The following is a list of approved paint colors:

Golden Lake, Chic Magnet, Glistening, Banana Custard, Corn Chowder, Martica, Jonquil Trail, Autumn Child, Tuscan Wall, City of Diamonds, A Lot of Love, Valerie, Vintage Victorian, It’s a Girl, May Mist, Perfection, Butterfly Blush, He Loves Me, Chicago Skyline, Divine Inspiration, Belladonna’s Leaf, Turning Leaf, Hidden Glade, Just About Green, Rediscover, Home Body, Frond, Harrow Gate, Country Dweller, Pale Gingersnap

website colors_001

Moving In

We’re excited about your move too! There are two main move-in and move-out periods in May and August. Your specific date has been set based on your individual property. Prior to your moving in, we’re cleaning, prepping and making your new home ready.

Here are a few things you need to know about moving in:

  1. We are unable to grant any early move-in’s. There is a short time between leases, and in order for us to prepare the house for you, the future tenants, we are unable to grant any early move-in’s.
  2. Your entire security deposit must be paid IN FULL in order to receive keys to the house or apartment. If your security deposit is not paid in full, you will not be permitted to move in until it is paid.
  3. We must also have all parental surety forms.
  4. After moving in, complete you Inventory Checklist (canary yellow sheets), which you received when you picked up your keys. If you do not have one, you can pick one up from our office.
  5. You should turn in the completed inventory list within 24hrs of moving in.
  6. Please be sure to submit your Move In Repair List (green sheet) as well within 7 days of your move in date. (Remember all repair concerns need to be on the Move In Repair List. Repairs are not made off of the Inventory Checklist.)

Phone and cable hook-up are your responsibility. Any other utilities that you are responsible for have already been put into your name. Listed below are the numbers for the utility companies and some miscellaneous numbers you may need:

AT&T: 800-244-4444

Comcast Cable: 1-800-824-2000

Consumers Energy (gas): 1-800-477-5050

City of East Lansing (water/sewer): 337-1731

Board of Water & Light (electric): 702-6006

The State News: 355-8252

MSU campus operator: 355-1855

East Lansing Police (NON-emergency): 351-4220

U.S. Post Office: 337-8711

CATA: 394-1000

Community Resource Management Company (your landlord): 337-7577

& our AFTER HOURS Maintenance phone: 517-420-5567

Remember to store moving boxes inside. PACE will ticket for any accumulated boxes, trash etc.

When you’re moving in, please take care to NOT drive on your lawn! Not even to unload furniture etc. This is an automatic $75.00 charge. PACE is very strict about lawn/yard driving and will be patrolling city streets during move-in. Not driving on your lawn benefits you too – you’ll be happy you have plush green grass for your fall tailgates, instead of muddy ruts.